The Author Machine and Business Wordsmithing Services


Nestucca Spit Press Presents Author Machine!

Many people dream of writing a book. Some actually do it. Then what? You can try to land an agent or publisher and wait around for years to hear something or nothing. Or you can decide you want to do it yourself. You fulfill your dream of becoming an author by empowering yourself to believe you are an author. Let the Nestucca Spit Author Machine help you do it.

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Nestucca Spit Press Presents Business Wordsmithing!

Launching and running successful small businesses is hard work. It requires owners to demonstrate excellence in a wide variety of skills, including communicating effectively with customers and the media via the written word. Many small business owners neglect or overlook this vital aspect of their operations. Clear, well-written expression can help businesses prosper. Bad writing invites failure. Good words matter. Let Nestucca Spit Press Business Wordsmithing show you how to improve your words. 

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