Of Walking in Rain

Dear Friend of Rain, Nestucca Spit Press and Oregon Literature:

I’d like to announce the release of my latest book, Of Walking in Rain: October 5, 2012-December 31, 2012, and offer you an opportunity to own a special edition of a book. It’s about all things rain, but has very little to do with weather.

Of Walking in Rain is a 190-page work of creative non-fiction largely written in real time that assays the ubiquitous subject of rain in Oregon in as many ways as rain falls in Oregon. The book blends an eclectic variety of literary genres, including memoir, essay, vignette, diary, reportage, guide, criticism, satire, stream of consciousness, homework, meditation, review, commentary, oral history, weather report, discography, liner notes, polemic, curriculum and confession. Of Walking in Rain also features the exquisite etchings of rain by renowned artist Frank Boyden.

For $40, purchasers receive a signed softcover copy, a special bookmark crafted by the author, a button attesting membership in a super-secret organization, Rain Anonymous, dedicated to worshiping rain, four bonus essays not included in the book, and recognition at the Portland launch at Powell’s downtown on Friday, November 1. Only 100 copies of the special edition are available and only 100 people will belong to Rain Anonymous.

You can purchase through PayPal or for more details. If you want to purchase by check, send me an email and a check to 8575 SW Abalone, South Beach, Oregon 97366

Thanks for considering a purchase of the special edition of Of Walking in Rain. By doing so, you help Nestucca Spit Press celebrate its 10th anniversary this year and support its editorial mission of producing sustainable Oregon literature. Sustainable literature calls for books conceived, written, designed and printed in the state and distributed exclusively through the web site, independent bookstores and at live events.

The regular edition, priced at $20 (plus shipping,) is also available on the web site and at book outlets across Oregon later this summer.


Matt Love
Author, Of Walking in Rain, Publisher of Nestucca Spit Press